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Everyday Gratitude

November 25, 2010

Yes… it’s been a while since we’ve posted. We could make all kinds of excuses, but the truth of the matter is: We’ve been sidetracked by life.

It happens.

Life, as we all know, has a tendency to sweep one along the current, and that is exactly what has happened to us.

We’re happy to say that the flow of life we’ve been riding in 2010 has most definitely been a good one. It has picked us up and taken us to spectacular new places around the world and connected us with some truly amazing people. Things are ramping up at Handshoe and we’ve been taking care of that which takes care of us. Our business. Our clients. Our livelihood.

We’ve also been taking care of each other. Both of our families have grown this year. There are new babies and the combining of families and all of the many blessings that accompany this particular type of growth and abundance.

And we are eternally grateful for every sidetracked second.

The state of being grateful in itself means that one has identified value in the things that really matter in life. To honor this spectacular year and continue to give back in 2011, we’ve created a little something that serves as a daily reminder to do just that.

Handshoe | 2010love has teamed up with Heart and Stone Jewelry in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts to create a limited edition LOVE WHAT MATTERS ™ necklace. Each LOVE WHAT MATTERS ™ necklace is hand made from 100% Recycled Pure Silver by Julie Booras.

10% of sales from all LOVE WHAT MATTERS ™ Necklaces will be donated to Feeding America, “the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.”

Everyone needs a gratitude reminder every once in a while. We hang ours around our neck. We hope you will too.

As always…

Love what matters.

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