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Spreading the love

August 18, 2010

Dr. Bowlin's team, left to right: Kathy, Markie, Dr. Bowlin, Vicki, Barb

Since we launched the 2010love project in February of this year, we’ve sold hundreds of t-shirts to lovely people across the globe. Our tees have been used for gifts, special occasions, personal achievements, and even events that help support or fund important causes or relief needs. (Of course our tees are also purchased for the fun of wearing them and simply spreading a positive message… we love this too.)

Some of the t-shirt stories being sent to us, however, are quite inspiring… and it’s those stories we’d like to share with all of you.

We’ll start with Dr. Julia Bowlin and her team in Versailles, Ohio. Dr. Bowlin is Board Certified in family medicine and certified in Environmental Allergy and Immunotherapy. Through her medical practice and regular speaking engagements, she strives to clear the emotional, spiritual, and physical clutter in our lives that impacts our healing and recovery process.

Every year she donates to the United Way, and this year, she commemorated the effort by purchasing 2010love tees for her office staff. Pretty cool, eh? Dr. Bowlin’s team also supports their patients’ families with annual donations and mailings to troops overseas. Lots of love to spread in many different ways.

With a little creativity, teamwork and energy, opportunities to spread the love are endless. If you have a story to share, please send us a note to Way to go Dr. Bowlin and team!

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